Studio Policies

Cost and Frequency

Joyful Noise Studio charges $35 per 30 minute lesson. Lessons currently offered are voice, piano, and ukulele. If you are interested in another instrument or music focus, contact the studio to see if we can help you out. If we do not have the resources for you, we will be sure to help point you in the right direction. Each student is expected to have one 30 minute lesson per week. If you or your student desire more time, contact the Studio and we will work together to find a compromise.


Invoices will be sent at the first of the month based on the number of lessons scheduled that month. Invoices should be paid in full by the 10th of each month. Invoices can be paid by card using the "Pay Now" option on the invoice. Invoices may also be paid in person at the lesson using either Cash or Check. 

Cancellation or Late Arrival

If a student arrives 10 minutes or more after their scheduled time, that lesson will be considered cancelled without advance warning. The Studio should receive notice of a cancelled lesson at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson.
If advanced notice is given, the lesson will be reschedule or a make up date or the amount will roll over onto the next months invoice.
If advance notice (24 hours) is not given, there will be no make up lesson and a credit will not be applied to the following months invoice.  
If the teacher cancels for any reason, the lesson will be rescheduled.
If a day or time cannot be agreed upon for the rescheduled lesson due to the teacher's absence, then a credit will be applied to the next months invoice.